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If you suffer from arthritis, tendinitis or another painful affliction and are seeking an alternative to traditional medications, turn to Herbal Remedies of Maine for help.

We are one of the best resources in Cumberland County for chronic pain relief creams and medical marijuana. Our products can relieve pain caused by arthritis, headaches, muscle strain, peripheral neuropathy and other conditions.

Soothe your chronic pain with products from Herbal Remedies of Maine. If you hold a valid medical marijuana card issued by the state of Maine, please call 207-233-2586 today to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff about your needs.

Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic Pain Relief

You’ll receive personalized service if you choose Herbal Remedies of Maine to relieve your chronic pain. You’ll be teamed with a competent caregiver who will discreetly deliver medical marijuana right to your door. This allows you to get the medicine you need without visiting a dispensary.

Herbal Remedies of Maine offers free delivery within 30 miles of Portland. We carry:

  • Jack Frost (Sativa)
  • Hawaiian (Sativa)
  • Gorilla Glue (Sativa)
  • Dr. K (Indica)
  • Daydream (Indica)
  • Strawberry Maui (Sativa)
  • Stonewall (Hybrid)
  • Big Bud (Indica)

We also carry chronic relief cream. Register with your marijuana caregiver at Herbal Remedies of Maine right away.

Dedicated to growing superior cannabis to ease your chronic pain

At Herbal Remedies of Maine, we’re committed to quality over quantity. We focus on growing the best strains so you can find the medical marijuana that’s right for you.

We’ll learn about your chronic pain and help you choose the strain that fits your needs.

Choose Herbal Remedies of Maine for natural relief from your arthritis, tendonitis or other minor pain.