My Story

The medical use for cannabis-derived products is breaking remarkable ground today compared with its limited appeal and notoriety in the 1960's. This fact is predominantly true for the variety and quality of products containing CBD isolated from the extracted oils contained in Hemp.
My story with introduction to these products began in 2010. After a 25 year career in professional photography, my knees finally listened to the arthritis pounding on their patella, and I put my heavy camera equipment down. This situation eventually led me to CBD and its unique pain relief qualities that have, basically, changed my life.

The development of efficient CBD oil extraction techniques, and with a little help from my husband, Dr. Bob, I have developed a CBD cream that has been a life vest for my arthritic pain. Please give either our 500mg CBD extract cream or our Full Spectrum hemp oil cream a try and see if your chronic pain can be relieved like mine has been. If you'd like to talk about the differences in our creams or would just like to talk about your particular situation, feel free to give me a call at 207-233-2586.

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