Are you seeking relief from your chronic pain?

Trust Herbal Remedies of Maine for top-grade medicine.

We strive to grow superior medical cannabis. Our strains of marijuana are organically grown and processed in a small facility to provide the attention to the best and purest products that we can. We currently offer multiple sativa and indica strands, including:

  • Jack Frost (Sativa)
  • Hawaiian (Sativa)
  • Gorilla Glue (Sativa)
  • Daydream (Indica)
  • Purple Punch (Sativa)
  • Super Lemon Punch (Sativa)
  • Skywalker (ISativa)
  • Sour Apple (Sativa)

We know how painful chronic ailments can be, so we work hard to provide you with the products you need to alleviate your pain.

Contact us today with any questions you may have about our sativa and indica strains. All patients must have a valid medical marijuana card issued by the State of Maine.

Call Herbal Remedies for free delivery service

Herbal Remedies of Maine in Cumberland County will deliver your medical marijuana discreetly within a 30-mile radius of Portland. We'll provide easy, convenient delivery of your medicine so you don't have to visit a dispensary.

Besides medical marijuana, we also hand relief cream, tincture, and a variety of other concentrates.