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Herbal Remedies Full Spectrum tincture is a blend of organic MCT (refined coconut) oil and Hemp Seed oil with 1000mgs of CBD and just 1 mg of THC per full dropper. This small amount of THC more efficaciously delivers the medical benefits of the 33 mgs of CBD contained within a full dropper dose of tincture. It may help with sleep, anxiety, stress, inflammation, some muscular and joint discomfort and provide a general well-being after a long day of work, travel or interaction. CBD has been used for depression, neuropathy, insomnia and even seizures. As the health benefit testimonials from the use of CBD products accumulate, this remarkable compound will enjoy continues and increased popularity.

Massage Oil

Hydrate and rejuvenate the skin while easing the inevitable aches and pains of an active lifestyle. Our 600mg Full Spectrum Oil has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the body once it connects with your CB2 receptors. It is not mind altering nor habit forming.

Full Spectrum Pain Relief Cream

Our Pain Relief Cream is our most popular and best selling product. Unlike many of the full spectrum creams made today, our cream is absorbent! No more oily blouses, shirts or sheets! Not only is it creamy and smooth, but it offers almost instant pain relief from arthritis, tendonitis, headaches and much more.

CBD Cream 500mg

Another fan favorite. The difference between our 2 creams? The full spectrum cream is made from hemp and the cbd cream is made from isolate.

Lip Service

Herbal Remedies LipServiceā„¢, is a soothing and moisturizing lip balm that contains 30 mgs CBD per tube and comes in 4 delicious flavors. It is a moisturizing remedy for dried, chapped lips and a lip service that will leave you looking for more: Honey, Mint, Berry and Citrus

Gummy Bears

Why eat 6 - 5mg or 3 - 10mg gummy bears when a single, 30mg gummy bear will do the trick and deliver, with less sugar, the same minimally efficacious dose of therapeutic CBD. Just one gummy bear will relax you and make your world a better place.

Lemonade and Strawberry Kiwi Drink Mixes

Herbal Remedies CBD infused drinks are Crystal Light Pure powders sweetened with Stevia that provide 30 mgs of CBD in each 8 oz serving. All of the muscular, cardiovascular, nerve and stress reducing qualities of CBD are optimally delivered in these drink mixes. Each package contains 10 - 8 oz servings.